The permanence and simple beauty of stone imparts a sculptural and meditative quality not found in other building materials.

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We laid three-quarter inch irregular stone on existing cement pad.

We installed a dry-laid wall on cement - not the usual installation but it will drain through the wall.

Irregular flagstone patio with natural grouts, random heavy wall and standard stockade fence.

Irregular flagstone patio with laid up bluestone pattern remnant wall. Sod laid in back.

Irregular Pennsylvania flagstone with stone dust grouting. Natural cut stone bench.

This garden installed at Ethical Culture Center, Brooklyn. Irregular flagstone and natural stone benches.

Formal rooftop garden using granite curbstone borders, white marble chips, Mexican beach pebbles, and feature stone.

Formal pattern flagstone patio with straight-edge border and sod lawn.

Irregular flagstone patio with Belgium block gray cobbles and random wall stone retaining wall.

Irregular flagstone patio, cobblestone border, standard wall stone retaining wall with natural steps.

Irregular flagstone patio with cobblestone border.

Irregular flagstone patio with Belgium block gray cobblestone retaining border and pea gravel bed for very low maintenance and excellent drainage.

Irregular flagstone patio installed with existing interlock concrete brick retaining wall.

Irregular flagstone: Loose-laid patio set in stone dust with creeping thyme in grouts. Laid to encourage no maintenance plantings between stones for appearance and fragrance (when herbs are trodden). Moss for shady damp gardens; Mediterranean herbs for full sun. Weeds can easily be pulled or removed by pouring hot water in grouts.

Pattern flagstone: Cut/fabricated stone in a variety of regular sizes called "pattern". Thickness is usually 1.5" to 2", suitable for formal patios laid on gravel and sand foundation. Grouts can be natural (sand/soil mix) to permit growth and natural drainage or hard with stone dust/cement mix, which will drain slowly and limit plant growth.

Heavy and random wall stone: Stone is delivered on skids and hand-carried to garden site where necessary. This stone suitable for retaining walls and can also be used as steppers and around naturalized pond.

Random heavy fieldstone for large-scale walls, feature stones and ponds.

Water-washed bluestone from rivers for ponds, random heavy walls and feature stones.

Formal cement pond with steel surround and re-installed blue stone with natural edge. Note dry-stacked wall under fence and pebbles to hinder weeds and retain moisture in bed.

We have access to large stones.

Formal blue stone path with Belgium block retaining cobbles on edges.

This pond filled a Brooklyn back yard. We used 45mm EPDM rubber liner with underlay and retained rubber with natural edge stones.

Pattern blue stone patio with cobblestone edge.

"Aussie", my Australian cattle dog/blue pointer cross sometimes baby sits the kids on the job.

Coping stone is used for a more formal wall - note the squarer edges - for laying as final top stone on wall for finished look. Also, because its heavier than normal patio flagstone, coping stone can be used at patio edges to hold stone in position.

Excavation and landscaping sometimes means crowed working conditions in Brooklyn back yards. Here we have stone, sand and gravel on site as we excavate for the patio.

We can find you special moss rocks such as this on special order. We hand-pick our stone.

Eni Falci, garden designer consults with client. We do work for a number of local garden designers who ask us to install stone while they deal with design and planting.

We go to the source for our stone. At a quarry in Deposit, New York, we load pattern for a Brooklyn job. All our stone is hand-selected at various quarries.

Natural cobble stones for ponds, borders, herb spirals.

Natural cobblestones add interesting texture to your garden.

This stone has a formal appearance and can be used in a variety of constructions in your garden.

Our suppliers gather stone from local farms - there is an enormous selection available for us. They supply wholesalers throughout the north-east with the best stone available.

"Aussie", our blue cattle dog loves to travel to the quarries - here with large flat field stones.

This Brooklyn Brownstone front yard has natural steppers, pebbles and feature stone and contributes to a very low-maintenace space.

Here is a way to follow the sun with this herb wheel barrow.

I photographed this front yard in Melbourne, Australia as an example of an interesting street-scape.

Granite path at one of our supplier display gardens. We have access to a wide variety of hard-to-get stone.

Work begins on Stone and Garden display garden.

Display garden.

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The Best Variety of Natural Stone in the Area